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Pyle PS900 Audio/Video AC Power Conditioner, Voltage Filter, Noise/Interference Elimination, Processor Sequencer with 3-Prong Outlet Plugs

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PylePro Model : PS900

Power Conditioner Processor Sequencer

Power Supply Processor Sequencer - Power Conditioner Noise/Interference Eliminator

  • Supplies Clean Filtered AC Power with Two-Stage High Insert Dissipation
  • High Performance Micro-Controller Unit Ensures High Level Precise Timing
  • Built-in Two Stage EMI Filter for Each Output (On Rear Panel)
  • AC Voltage, Ambient Temperature and Step Time Display
  • Able to Series Link More than 100 Units with Automatic Master Unit Display
  • Selectable Step Time and Real Time Display
  • Output Cut Switch for All Nine Channels
  • Monitors AC Voltage in Real Time
  • Display Shows Wiring and Ground Status
  • LED Displays: Output Cut, Master, Bypass, Power, AC Voltage and Temperature
  • Step Time Display in 7 Segment LED
  • Sequence Switch LED
  • Monitors Ambient Temperature in Real Time
  • One Constant Power Jack Output Un-switched on Front Panel
  • 8 Channel Output with American Standard Power Jacks on Rear Panel
  • Link Connector: S-Video 4 Pins
  • Other Outputs: Two AC 12Volt-4 Amp, One DC 24V-1.5 Amp
  • Output Current: Max 10Amp AC
  • Output Voltage: Max 275 Volt AC
  • MAX. Output Power: 2200 Watt
  • Sequence Switch Time: 2 seconds
  • Dimensions: 22.8'' x 18.1'' x 5.1'' inch

  • The Pyle PS900 audio processor has a built-in high performance micro-controller for precise electrical timing. This unit filters and provides clean AC power with built-in two stage EMI processing technology for each output. Additional features include 8-channel output with universal and american standard power jacks located on the rear panel, 4-Pin S-Video link connector, temperature monitoring in real time, ability to link to more than 100 units with automatic master unit display and more. The display shows AC voltage, ambient temperature, wiring and ground status all in real time. 7 Segment display for Step Time and various LEDs cover output, master, bypass, power, voltage and sequence. Voltage Outputs: 2 AC 12 Volt and 1 DC 24 Volt. Dimensions: 22.8'' x 18.1'' x 5.1'' inch.