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Pyle PLVHL70 2-Channel High-Level To Low-Level Converter with 12V Remote Turn-On

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SKU 999196418
Pyle Model : PLVHL70

2-Ch. Hi-to-Low Level Converter

2-Channel HI Level To Low Level Converter with 12V Remote Turn-On

  • Full DC Isolation
  • Adjustable Attenuation
  • Dual Channel
  • MAX Input: 45 Watts per Channel
  • Output Adjustment: 50%
  • Freq Response : 20Hz-20KHz
  • Gray: R(+)
  • Gray/ White R(-)
  • Green L(+)
  • Green/ White L(-)
    Trigger wire Conncetions:
  • Red +12V DC Constant Power
  • Black Ground
  • Blue +12V DC Output (when head unit is turned on)

  • This device allows you to get RCA line level outputs from your high-level output device. Max input: 45 watts per channel. Adjustable attenuation, dual channel, full DC isolation.