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Pyle PHLHA32 Hearing Amplifier for Tv Talking, Volume Adjustable 1 piece

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SKU 999197039
Pyle Model : PHLHA32

Hearing Impaired In-Ear Audio Amplifier

Hearing Amplifier, Audio Assistance In-Ear Enhancement, Volume Adjustable

  • Convenient Hearing Amplifier
  • Compact In-Ear Design
  • 5-Level, Adjustable Volume Control
  • Effectively Reduces Background Noise
  • Noise-Cancelling & Voice Clarifying Technology
  • Tested to Provide a More Comfortable Listening Experience
  • ASC (Automatic Signal Control) Regulates & Balances Sound
  • Universal Size Fits All Ear Shapes & Sizes
  • Switchable Ear (Left / Right) Compatibility
  • Comes with (4) Different Sized Ear Plugs / Tips
  • Battery Operated: Requires (1) Button Cell AG3 (LR41) Battery
  • Includes Storage / Travel Case & (2) Batteries

  • Technical Specs:
  • Max Sound Output: 110±5 dB
  • Audio / Sound Gain: ?35 dB
  • Harmonic Distortion: <10%
  • Frequency Range: 300-4000hz
  • Input Noise: ?40dB
  • Current: ?4mA
  • Voltage: D.C. 1.5V
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.6'' x 0.8'' x 0.5''

  • The Pyle PHLHA32 Hearing Amplifier effectively amplifies and captures sound for improved hearing. The lightweight and compact size is comfortable allowing you to wear it throughout the day, indoors or out. Convenient and unobtrusive wireless design easily slides onto your ear for a quick and hassle-free listening experience. The system features a battery operated design (Requires (1) button cell AG3 (LR41) battery). It is easy to use and will be readily available when needed, reducing background noise while amplifying sounds for quality and comfort. Increase the volume for audio in areas like your bedroom, the office or the movie theatres -- it will be ready to go when you are! The system also features 5-level adjustable volume control, integrated noise-cancelling technology and (4) different sized ear plug tips. Enjoy simple hearing amplifier assistance with the Pyle PHLHA32 Listening Impaired IN-Ear Enhancement System.