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Pyle PDBC50 15 Amp Power Supply 1800VA Rack Mountable PDU Power Strip Surge Protector with 9 Outlets

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SKU 999196341
PylePro Model : PDBC50

Power Supply PDU Power Strip

15 Amp Power Supply PDU Power Strip with 9 Outlets 1800VA Rack Mountable

  • Safely Provides Surge Protection Control
  • 9 Total Outlets (6) Rear and (3) Front
  • Built-in AC Noise Filter
  • 15 Amp Rating with Circuit Breaker
  • Eliminates Unwanted Radio Frequency (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Spike and Surge Protection
  • 1U Rack Mountable
  • Steel Chassis and Front Panel
  • Push to Reset
  • 6 Foot Power Cord (3x14 AWG)
  • Energy Dissipation: 150 Joules
  • Peak Impulse Current: 1200 Amps
  • Operating Voltage: 115 – 230V/50 – 60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 19.0 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.7 Lbs.

  • Allows for longer lasting and proper equipment functionality. The built-in AC Noise Filters gets rid of unwanted radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Spike and surge protection ensures equipment stays safe and your power stays clean. System includes 6 rear panel outlets and 3 front panel outlet. 15 amp rating with circuit breaker and push to reset function with current protection. Operating Voltage: 115 – 230V/50 – 60Hz.