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Pyle Mic Boom Pole - Telescope Microphone Boom Fish Pole for Shotgun Mics with Adjustable Length - 5.7’ ft. (PMKSB06)

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SKU 999196393
PylePro Model : PMKSB06

Extending Microphone Boom Pole

Microphone Boom Pole - Telescope Mic Boom Fish Pole for Shotgun Mics with Adjustable Length (5.7’ ft.)

  • Convenient Mic Boom Pole / Fish Pole Placement
  • Universal Shotgun Microphone Compatibility
  • Lightweight, Durable & Reliable
  • Quick & Easy Telescoping Length Adjustment
  • Comfortable Handle Grips
  • Foldable / Collapsing Shafts
  • Sleek, Polished Frame Style
  • Clamp-Style Extension Quick Locking Mechanisms
  • Integrated Velcro Straps for Cable Management
  • Rugged Aluminum Metal Construction
  • *Microphone & Mic Clip Not Included

  • Technical Specs:
  • USA Standard Threading: 5/8'' -inch (15mm), Microphone
  • Maximum Mic Extending Length: 5.7' ft. (1.75m)
  • Minimum Length (Folded / Collapsed): 2.2' ft. (0.67m)
  • Maximum Tube Diameter: 1.0'' -inch (25mm)
  • Construction Material: Aluminum Metal Alloy

  • The Pyle Mic Boom Fish Pole provides convenient and reliable shotgun microphone placement. The extending boom pole mount allows you to quickly and easily add telescoping mic placement in a wide variety of applications. Whether used for on-stage or in-studio production, you will be able to capture crisp vocals with optimal audio pickup. The telescope fish pole features universal shotgun microphone compatibility with USA standard 5/8'' -inch (35mm) microphone threading, clamp-style extension quick-locking mechanism, comfortable padded handle grip and collapsible extension arm shafts. Extend your microphone up to 5.7' feet and the mount collapses to a manageable 2,.2’ feet. Rugged and durable aluminum metal alloy construction allows for reliable, lightweight handling and maneuverability -- and the sleek, polished frame style is ready for pro audio performance. Achieve optimal audio recording ability with the Pyle Extending Microphone Boom Fish Pole.