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Pyle Home PHE5AB Bass Boost Portable Headphone Amplifier, Black

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PyleHome Model : PHE5AB

Bass Boost Portable Headphone Amplifier

Bass Boosting Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black Color)

  • Designed for High Impedance and Low Sensitivity Headphones
  • Easy to Carry and Use In The Outdoors
  • Increases Your Headphone's Bass & Sound
  • New Amplifier IC with Higher S/N and Lower Distortion
  • Portable Headphone Amp for iPod, MP3 Player, Laptop or Mobile Phone
  • Boost Volume and Reduce Battery Drain of Portable Players
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery (Charged Via USB)
  • Robust Metal Casing For Everyday Use
  • Ultra Low Signal to Noise and Distortion Specification

  • The PHE5AB with its 1/8' stereo input and output provides listeners portable amplification that both increases sound quality while extending the battery life of portable players. Both high and low frequencies stand out more adding life to otherwise dull, muddy headphones. The volume adjustment is a great addition allowing you to boost or attenuate levels further. With the bass boost engaged you can listen to music at low volumes while maintaining a flat even response or add fullness at normal listening levels. The on/off power button lets you cut audio without clipping and the LED indicator gives feedback to let you know what state the amplifier is in. With the included USB charging cable and two 1/8' to 1/8' stereo cables, the robust, rechargeable, PHE5AB gives you everything you need to elevate your listening experience today.