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Pyle 4-Button Car Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System (PWD701)

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CAR ALARM: Alert yourself and scare off would-be car burglars with the 120dB two-tone siren and built-in relay for parking lights, two auxiliary outputs plus many programmable features. Choose passive or active arming depending on the situation

2 REMOTE TRANSMITTERS: Pyle car security system has two remote transmitters with status indicator LED. Each four transmitter button has two operating modes: standard and level shifted. The remote functions panic mode, chirp mute and sensor bypass

IGNITION LOCKS: Pyle security system features ignition locking that automatically locks the doors 5 seconds after the ignition key is turned on, and unlock when the ignition key is turned off. This feature helps to prevent you from being locked out

2 AUXILIARY OUTPUTS: This auxiliary output can be used to activate other accessories in your vehicle like the remote engine start, turn on headlights, window roll up. Pressing transmitter button 1 will arm the system and activate 30 second output

VALET OR OVERRIDE SWITCH: In the event that the transmitter ends up lost or neglects to work, the system can be disarmed by using the emergency override feature. While the valet switch Mode will disable the car security system
2-four button transmitters-Remote panic mode-Anti-carjack-Horn honk output-Remote auto start

Status indicator LED-Remote chirp mute-2 Auxiliary outputs-Remote keyless entry-Power window roll up

    Valet/override switch-Remote sensor bypass-limited lifetime warranty-Illuminated entry-Additional Sensors: Glass break, microwave

    120dB 6-tone siren-Passive or active arming-OPTIONAL FEATURES-Remote trunk release-Back up battery

    Dual stage impact detector-Flashing parking lights-Starter defeat-Hood and trunk protection

    • 2 Four Button Transmitters
    • Status indicator LED
    • Valet / override switch
    • 120dB 6-tone siren
    • Dual stage impact detector
    • Remote panic mode
    • Remote chirp mute
    • Remote sensor bypass
    • Passive or active arming
    • Flashing parking lights
    • Anti-carjack
    • 2 Auxiliary outputs
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

      Optional Features
    • Starter defeat
    • Horn honk output
    • Remote keyless entry
    • Illuminated entry
    • Remote trunk release
    • Hood and trunk protection
    • Remote auto start
    • Power window roll up
    • Back up battery

      Additional Sensors (Not Included)
    • Glass break
    • Microwave