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Pure Clean PCSHPT14 - Portable Handheld Travel Camp Shower - Plug into 12v Cigarette Adapter and Pump Water from a Bucket through the Outdoor Shower

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Pure Clean Model : PCSHPT14

Portable Shower System (Vehicle Plug-in)

Pure Clean Handheld Portable Shower / Wash System, Vehicle Plug-in Powered (for Camping, Boating, Pet Cleaning, etc.)

  • 'On-the-Go' Quick Clean Ability
  • Instantly Adds Water Pressure Washing
  • Drop it in Water: Marine Grade Waterproof Pump
  • Versatile, Compact and Portable Cleaning System
  • Energy and Water-Efficient Pressure Wash Power
  • Convenient Hook & Suction Cup Mounting
  • Shower Head Style Sprayer
  • Compact, Rugged & Reliable
  • Simple One Button Operation
  • Use it in the Garage or Outdoors
  • Works Great for Backyard Pet Cleaning
  • Vehicle Powered: Plugs into Vehicle Cigarette Lighter / Accessory Outlet
  • Perfect by the Pool, Camping, Cleaning, Washing, Showering, etc.

  • What's in the Box:
  • Water Pump + Hose + Power Cable
  • O-Ring
  • Shower Head
  • Holder & Hook Attachment
  • Suction Cup

  • Technical Specs:
  • Marine Grade IP-5 Rating
  • Water Hose Length: 6.0' Feet
  • Water Flow Efficiency: 4.0L Per Minute
  • Vehicle Power Cord Length: 9.8' Feet
  • Power: 12V

  • Drop it into water and you're ready to clean! The Pure Clean Portable Shower & Wash System provides you with quick cleaning 'on-the-go'! The built-in water pump can be placed into a bucket, and it sprays water through the hose just like a shower head. The system is powered by your vehicle, thanks to the integrated cigarette light power outlet accessory cable. The marine grade waterproof construction will provide you with hassle-free cleaning ability so you can drop it into your bucket and spray away! The energy and water efficient system comes with a shower head sprayer, hose, suction cup, holder and hook attachment -- so you can post up and clean anywhere you can find some water. Clean your car, your pet or yourself! It works great for outdoor camping, beach visits, fishing trips, car washes and even pet cleaning. Enjoy compact & portable power that makes this pressure washer system fit in your backpack -- or backseat. Whether you're camping, fishing or pet cleaning, the Pure Clean Portable Shower & Washer System is just a spray away.