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AXESS Handheld 150 Foot Long Range Wireless Microphone with One Microphone (MPWL1512)

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Product Features:

Axess Wireless microphones fit just about any situation. If you are looking for a wireless microphone to use at church, a wedding, a business meeting or just to host a karaoke party at your house you will find the sound quality and clarity is great. The receivers have a 150 foot range so you don’t have to feel constricted to confined to hanging around the receiver.

  • VHF 150 feet long range wireless headset, includes wireless microphone and a 6.3 to 3.5MM adapter
  • Perfect for solo singing or stage performance
  • Carrier Frequency VHF: 170-260MHz,Signal/Noise ratio:>30dB, Audio Dynamic Range: 80dB, T.H.D: <=1%
  • Receiver specs - power supply: AC110/60Hz, power consumption: 1.5W, audio output: >25MV, sensitivity: >30dB/Uv
  • Requires 9V battery to operate receiver and two AA batteries to power microphone